Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

This novel had to be one of the best Old-English Era reads by far. Mary Shelley captivates readers not only through her words and thoughts in the novel Frankenstein but being that she had written the novel Frankenstein in an era when many people, especially women, could not publish any written pieces of literature. As soon as I picked up this novel I could not put it down. My mind seemed to envision every single detail Shelley included while telling the story of The Creature and Dr. Victor Frankenstein. The beginning of the novel starts out in the form of letters from a brother to sister named Walton and Margaret. Walton tells Margaret of how he will be traveling by ship in the vast open ocean on a dangerous voyage to the North Pole. In a series of these letters to his sister he explains that he is feeling lonely but is going to be strong to achieve his goals of new discovery. Later in the letters to his sister he explains that the ship has found itself lodged between icebergs and has to await for the iceberg to melt and free their ship. In between the time of the ship getting lodged between the ice the captain and crew witness a sledge guided by a massive creature about a half mile away fade off into the distance. By next morning the crew found another sledge afloat a chunk of ice with a man and wounded dogs. As soon as the man is spotted, the captain and crew invite him onboard.

lrg_129200830835Despite the fact this man looks deathly ill and malnourished he refuses to come aboard the ship until they agree that the route they are taking is going North. After the man is on board he faints and the crew help nurse him to health until he finally wakes and speaks his first words two days later. The man befriends Walton and starts to speak to him regularly on their voyage to the North talking about many things including when Walton and the crew had seen the first “man” pass by on a sledge. It is during this conversation that Walton finds darkness in the mans eyes and also learns the mans true name, Victor Frankenstein.

Here begins the story of Victor Frankenstein and his life of dark discoveries and goals. There are many great things about this book, leaving no room for me to have any bad thoughts for it whatsoever. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley had to have been one of the best books I have been able to read so far. There is so much to the story of Frankenstein that by time you read the last page of the book, you want to go right back to page one and start all over again. Excellent novel!

The photograph portrait above is of Mary Shelley.


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