This Dark Endeavor: The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein by Kenneth Oppel

After reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelley I became very interested with reading books that involved the dark ideas and thoughts about science and creation Shelley had. This Dark Endeavor showed many qualities of what life was like in the 1800’s. I absolutely enjoyed reading this novel of an adolescent Victor Frankenstein.

The story begins by shedding some light on Victor and his twin brother Konrad’s lives. Both Victor and Konrad both grew up liking many of the same things and always being around each other. They also attended school together with their other friends Elizabeth and Henry. All four of them always go imaginary exploring and always get into trouble. This is how all four of them wind up finding Victor and Konrad’s father’s Dark Library and is also where they are told to never again enter the Dark Library, for some things are better left unseen. Of course Victor is the one to become deeply interested in the Dark Library and plans to further investigate the library.


Some time later Konrad becomes deathly ill and the doctors say that they have no cure or medicines to help him because they have no idea what is wrong. After Konrad is bed stricken, Victor becomes saddened to know that he does not have his brother to be around anymore. Everyday Konrad shows no signs of getting better which takes a toll on Victor and Elizabeth causing both of them to be very emotional. Victor then gets an idea to once again return the Dark Library to see if there is anything to cure Konrad’s illness. It is here that Victor finds a potion recipe called the Elixir of Life. Together, Victor, Elizabeth, and Henry go in search of the ingredients to create the Elixir of Life to save Konrad before it is too late. What they encounter is twisted, crazy, and utterly enjoyable.

This book was fantastically amazing and gave so many details about Victor’s life as an adolescent. I continually thought of how Mary Shelley did not include much detail about Victor as a young teen. I loved how Oppel gave me an idea of what Victor might have done or gotten himself into as a teen. One thing that I found refreshing was that all of the characters Oppel included in the story were all the original characters included in the original Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. I adored getting into the big twists and turns that the story included keeping my interest peaked. From start to finish it was an interesting book. I recently found out that Kenneth Oppel has made a second book to the series with This Dark Endeavor. The next book in the series is called Such Wicked Intent which I have still been unable to read. Once I do I will let you what I thought! I can’t wait to read it! There will also be a movie made for the novel and I would love to see it!


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