Night or Nacht by Elie Weisel

Night is a novel that needs to never be forgotten in history. This book was written by Elie Weisel, also known as a Holocaust survivor, Professor, and Nobel Peace Prize Winner. His story describes the horrors of what WW1 and the Holocaust brought. The Holocaust was apart of an operation to exterminate the Jewish people from the face of the planet and was controlled by Adolf Hitler. He manipulated many people through words to believe that the German race was the dominant race. Many sick and twisted ideas were formed from this mans mind and thousands perished for it.

imagesCAZOMRD0Elie Weisel’s story begins describing his neighborhood, family, passions, and interests. It is during these first few pages that a man warns Elie of the horrors he had witnessed happen to other Jewish people. Elie Weisel shortly believes the man but then decides that the man is unfit in mental health. For many days Elie and his family had heard that the German people were taking extremes on controlling Ghettos, or places that Jewish people lived, and that rumors of horrible things were happening to some of the Ghettos. Within a couple of days time the German soldiers came. They told all of the families in the Ghetto that they were being moved to a different area for their “safety” and were told to only take valuable belongings and the clothes on their backs. Many people were moved that day only to be never seen or heard from again. Elie, his family, friends, and neighbors were all escorted onto small train cars. Along their journey they are allowed no breaks and what little food and water the soldiers gave them often resulted in brutal fights and even death. When the train car reached its destination everyone was escorted out only to be put into lines to stripped of their names, belongings, and family members. The sign in which they stood under read Auschwitz and was where their lives changed forever.

Throughout this novel I could not help but shed tears for the people who had been forgotten. I can’t imagine what went through minds of each individual as they lived through the pain and horror of the Concentration Camps and WW1 itself. Auschwitz now sits as a memorial for the people who died. In my eyes the Holocaust and it’s story will never be forgotten but remembered as a lesson to teach the next generation.


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