lmxClay just returned home to find an anonymous package addressed to him sitting on the front doorstep. When he opened the package he found 13 cassette tapes all from a girl he personally knows named Hannah. This wouldn’t be peculiar is it weren’t for one problem. Hannah has recently committed suicide by taking a large dose of pills and past away. In the box are specific instructions that include the purpose of the tapes. The individual tapes in the box represent a person whom Hannah knew and how they had something to do with her death. Each person who receives box  must watch the tapes and then pass them along to the next person on the list.  It becomes clear that if the next person on the list does not receive the box then a separate box will be released into the school for everyone to know what each individual person did to her.

Throughout the novel I found myself thinking about some of the horrible things this girl had to go through. One thing that I did not enjoy about this novel was the idea that Hannah blamed everyone else for her death when she had made the life choice to die. It was like she had intended to try and make them hurt like she did in her last days. Thirteen Reasons Why was a remarkable novel but I wouldn’t say it was one of the bests I have read. Let me know what you thought! Enjoy!


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