This is Not a Test by Courtney Summers

thisI thought this zombie apocalypse novel was amazing! I was addicted to it within the first few pages. I loved how the author incorporated every day problems into the storyline like parental abuse, drugs, popular kids, running away from home, suicide, and so many other things. I also loved how each character had distinct qualities that made the reader remember them. Summers captures the true emotions that one would encounter during a tragedy like this occurring. I loved it!

Sloane is an average teenager with a big problem. She is locked in her high school with six peers and the are dead pounding at the door. Being haunted by her past and begins to realize that she gave up on life a long time ago. She now awaits for the dead to break their barriers and consume her. Too bad the other six students don’t share the same endeavor and actually want to live. Sloane is starting to see the world through their eyes, eyes that actually want to live instead of die. Her world is about to take a turn for the worse…or is it for the better?


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